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All That You Miss When You Fly

Patric Ganz
  • On October 20, 2015

Thinking about traveling also implies thinking about the means of transport you use while traveling. I personally made the experience that traveling by airplane is not satisfying at all; this is especially relevant because the majority of travelers think that flying is a, if not THE fundamental part of traveling. To convince you of my approach to an interesting travel experience, I filmed and produced a short video about an exceptionally rewarding overland travel from Bangkok in Thailand to New Delhi in India. This travel section (Thailand, Myanmar, India) has been a part of a long travel that brought me from Switzerland to Japan and further through Asia, flying only when crossing water.

“All that you miss when you fly” is a reminder that when you fly by airplane you miss out lots and lots of amazing moments, landscapes and people in the regions 10`000 meters down below you.

Enjoy this plea for a different approach to traveling in the form of this 8-minute video. Have fun!

Did you like this travel movie? What do you think about the message of the film? Have you made different experiences about flying? Have you made similar travel movies that could be of interest to me? Let me know…

Greets Traveling_Pat

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