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How Small Is The World? | March 13, 2018

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“Europe by Motorcycle” – First Conclusions

September 16, 2016 |

It`s halftime. I traveled to all European countries that are situated to the west of Switzerland. This (and next) year` s travel project of mine called Europe by Motorcycle should bring me to all European countries, riding my motorcycle … Read More

Europe by Motorcycle – The Adventure Travel 2016

January 5, 2016 |

The days become longer again, not only in Europe. And with every longer day, the departure for the adventure travel of the year 2016 comes closer. “Europe by Motorcycle“ is the catchy and tacky title of this upcoming … Read More

How Small Is Switzerland? A Motorcycle Experience

October 25, 2015 |

Do you know Switzerland? I realized I don`t know it well enough for a Swiss guy. I used to travel only by train in Switzerland which means that I roughly knew where towns are located and how many … Read More

All That You Miss When You Fly

October 20, 2015 |

Thinking about traveling also implies thinking about the means of transport you use while traveling. I personally made the experience that traveling by airplane is not satisfying at all; this is especially relevant because the majority of travelers … Read More

The Long Way from Zurich to Tokyo – The Movie

November 17, 2014 |

Carrying out a project, small or big, when you head off to discover the world is definitely something cool and adds personal value to your own travel experience. I planned and made a short movie about the long … Read More

China: Very Interesting, but Not Exactly Beautiful & Touristically Overexploited

November 4, 2014 | 2

Even though the Chinese tourism board calls its country beautiful (“Beautiful China”) and some lucky travelers (like Laura Pattara) found rewarding but expensive ways to experience China, I doubt that travelers who are leaving the country honestly tell … Read More

The Long Way from Ölgii to Mörön, Mongolia, Without Own Vehicle

September 25, 2014 | 4

To travel without own vehicle in Mongolia is maybe the hardest way to travel in Mongolia. Since we couldn`t buy motorbikes in Ölgii (Өлгий), we tried to set out for Mörön (Мөрөн) without own vehicle. The direct way … Read More

The Travel Experience – and to where it leads!

July 27, 2014 | 5


“Traveling is also a verifying process.”

Patric Ganz

This article had to be written as a reaction to a contribution of an US law professor who discredited traveling as a completely useless activity (Althouse). Without going into … Read More

About the Essentiality of Finding and Following your Pace of Travel

June 24, 2014 | 2

The analogy is astounding. To find and follow your own pace or rhythm of life is essential to have a self-determined, rewarding and happy life. That is what ancient as well as modern thinkers and writers proclaim (e.g. … Read More

You Know You Are in Iran, If …

June 12, 2014 | 1

My travel on the Silk Road brought me to IRAN. I stayed 35 days in this cat-shaped country. Nowadays, Iran is roughly three times smaller than its predecessor Persia, but is nevertheless a huge country. My time as … Read More