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Does Traveling Go Well Together with Workaway? Hell yes!

Patric Ganz
  • On February 1, 2015

The modern term “travel” comes most probably from the Middle English term “travailen” or “travelen” which means to torment, labor, strive, journey and even earlier from the Old French “travailler” which means to work strenuously or toil.” (Merriam Webster, 2015)

“My God, traveling is real work, son!” My mother sighed after a tiring day of travel when she joined me for a month of traveling in the Philippines. It was in that very moment I consciously realized again that what I am doing all year round is indeed work. Traveling is my work. And I am really good at it by now. Just recently I`ve started to integrate another type of work into my everyday working day. I help to build up young businesses or develop them further and I support cool projects wherever I am on the globe. I can only offer my time, my skills, my knowledge, my “hands”. And in return the people on site provide me with accommodation and food. The “middleman” that facilitate the search process for me as well as for the hosts is the website WORKAWAY.INFO. In this article I shall provide you with the major advantages that come along with a stay at a workaway listed host while you travel.

Remarkable Reduction of Your Travel Expenses

While you “workaway”, your daily expenses can fall to zero. Since you`re provided with accommodation and food (exceptions are possible), workaway is an especially attractive way for budget travelers. Basically, you can almost travel as long as you like when you include workaways in your travel itinerary now and then. The membership fee pays off already after a day or two of workaway-ing.

Harvesting calamansi! Working on an organic farm in Malaysia called Kebun Kaki Bukit was a great experience for me. (2015)

Get to Know Local Projects and Gain Insights into Local Businesses

The projects you can join are diverse and manifold. You can choose your hosts according to your skills or your interests. You can check the projects and the businesses online without becoming a member. You want to know how hostels work, how to sail, how to make wine? You want to know how the “same” businesses work in other parts of the world? Anyhow, you can gain valuable insights into projects and local businesses.

Meet New People

Tired of the usual travel crowd (which I usually love)? On workaway “sites” you have a great chance to not only meet interesting and sometimes odd locals or expats, but also other workawayers and long-term travelers. I personally think that meeting new people and making new friends is one of the ultimate goals of traveling (if not life). And workaway can be a further “tool” for reaching that goal.

Traveling Pat at Cat Beach in Telur Bahang

And here I worked with too many cats in a cat sanctuary called “Cat Beach” in Telur Bahang, Penang. (2015)

Work on Your Skills

No matter what kind of strengths or skills you want to work on during your travels, while workaway-ing you can do that. Sometimes the actual work you have to do allows you already to work on them. If not, you still have enough time to do it, because “Workaway work” is slightly different to “normal work”. Hosts at workaway often ask only for a couples of hours of work, leaving enough time for you to do what you like most.

Fight Travel Fatigue

After some time on the road, you need to stop moving. You want to stay somewhere for weeks. And workaway really allows you to do exactly that. You experience a different everyday day than your “usual” travel days. You don`t spend money. And you can reload your batteries for future travel adventures.

In this article I tried to identify and list the major advantages of a “workaway stay” while traveling. I showed how workaway-ing can enrich your travel experience and help you to substantially prolong your travel adventure by reducing your travel expenses. So, does traveling go well together with workaway? My answer is definitely: Hell yes!

Have you made similarly positive experiences with Let me know about your personal experiences with workaway in combination with traveling. How did you like the video about an everyday day on a workaway farm?

Greets from Penang, Malaysia.

Patric, alias Traveling Pat

Thank You!

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