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How Small Is The World? | March 13, 2018

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Europe by Motorcycle – The Adventure Travel 2016

europebymotorcycle european motorcyclist

The days become longer again, not only in Europe. And with every longer day, the departure for the adventure travel of the year 2016 comes closer. “Europe by Motorcycle is the catchy and tacky title of this upcoming travel project. Starting in march 2016, a crazy fellow is trying to travel through all fifty countries of Europe in about six or seven months; with his motorcycle stupidly called “Patmobile”.

Compared to the travels of other long-distance motorcyclists, such as Patric Ganz (who traveled Switzerland in only a week), this tripĀ is maybe not that adventurous. However, given that the protagonist had little to no motorcycling experience until half a year ago, this travel project is a real challenge. What do you think? Will that dude make it to Portugal, Belarus, Albania, Malta or Iceland? How many breakdowns can he take? How many kilometers does he have to cover a day? How often will he suffer from bad weather, theft, sickness and the like? How much will it cost to ride all across Europe? What will be the absolut highlights of this venture? Find all answers to these questions on his website in the course of the year 2016.

Who is behind “Europe by Motorcycle”?

european motorcyclist


The man with the helmet! You will find out more about the adventurist in the course of the year 2016 and directly on his webpage.

Make “Europe by Motorcycle” a success by doing the following: Keep your fingers crossed for the man with the helmet, at least on some days, and read his reports about the places visited. Have fun. He will have fun, too, for sure!

Please let me know if you know about other motorcyclist who traveled all countries of Europe? Online I could not find many other travelers having done a similar travel project!

Greets Traveling Pat

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