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How to Climb Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Sir) from Yazd, Iran, Without a Guide in Two Days

Amazing views from Mount Shir Kuh celebration with a big book in farsi on top of mount shirkooh
Patric Ganz
  • On June 7, 2014

Since it has been difficult to get reliable information in Yazd, as well as in the internet, about climbing Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Sir), “the lion mountain”, I herewith feed you with all the information you need to have a great and cheap hike up the highest mountain in the region (4074 m). The views on the deserts down in the plain and on the geological textures and rock formations are amazing. Absolutely worth a trip!

The Trip to Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Shirkooh or Mount Sir) in Numbers


Transport from Yazd to Deh Bala and back: 60 Euros / 85 US Dollars (7 people fit in one minivan).

Food for Dinner, Breakfast & Snacks: 12 Euros / 15 US Dollars (for 6 people)

Accomodation in Shelter: Free!


Per Person (For a group of 6 people) for the whole trip: 12 Euros / 15 US Dollars



1. Day:

Yazd to Deh Bala: 1.5 Hours (drive)

Deh Bala to Shelter: 4.5 Hours (climb)

2. Day:

Shelter to Top: 2 Hours (climb)

Top to Shelter: 1 Hour (descent)

Shelter to Deh Bala: 3 Hours (descent)

Deh Bala to Yazd: 1.5 Hours (drive)


Physical Requirement

From 1 (very easy) to 10 (very difficult): 5 (medium)


Chance to find and stick to the write path

From 1 (very easy) to 10 (very difficult): 2 (quite easy); in good weather conditions – No Guide Needed!



There is room for about 100 people.


Water springs

3 on the way up – but only the one by the shelter provides 100 % drinkable water, while the others could contain dirt caused by hikers further up the mountain (PS: We drank it – Nothing happened).


What you should bring with you (we climbed it in May)


Sleeping bag, if possible sleeping mats

Stove, if you want warm Pasta or Tea for dinner/breakfast

Warm jacket for the night and the top areas. Yazd may be hot, but Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Sir) can also be cold.



Second T-shirt

Good shoes – But Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Sir) can be climbed with Sneakers as well. Only on the way down it can get slippery and therefore difficult in some parts.


The Trip to Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Shirkooh or Mount Sir) in Pictures and Greater Detail


Have you climbed Mount Shir Kuh (Mount Shirkooh or Mount Sir), too? Have you enjoyed it? Have you got any further suggestions or remarks? Please let me know!


Greets from Mashhad, Iran

Patric Ganz, alias Traveling Pat


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  1. That sounds great! Will definitely check out this hike!

    • It`s a great hike! And Iran is a fantastic country to visit!

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