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How Small Is The World? | March 13, 2018

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“Small World” Fund

Hi Traveler & HowSmallIsTheWorld Supporter

I, Patric Ganz, created this site to produce and share valuable content to whoever is looking for improving his or her travel experience, getting inspired by fresh and different thinking about how we travel & interesting inputs and articles centering travel, including all its manifold aspects.

Your donation helps me to develop the “How Small Is The World?” project further in many respects:

  1. Produce more and more fantastic travel articles of great value for travelers (and wannabes).
  2. Improve this webpage.
  3. Grow the page`s audience.

Your donation won`t fund my travel activities! I care for those expenses myself, using other kind of income sources.

I will publish every donation of yours, no matter how high the sum of money, and what I have done or will do with it respectively. Transparency is very important, not only in this case!


Thank you a million times!


Traveling_Pat, alias Patric Ganz