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Travel Costs in Myanmar 2015

bagan travel costs myanmar

MYANMAR IS EXPENSIVE! That`s, still, the opinion of many and of Lonely Planet, too:

“At a pinch, shoestring travellers can get by on a budget of approximately US$60 a day for a cheap guesthouse (no aircon and dubious hygiene), travel on local buses and meals at local street food stalls and teahouses.” (Lonely Planet, accessed on 10.3.2015)

I was seriously hesitating to go to Myanmar. Only further online research could calm me down a bit. Drew from The Hungry Partier & Roger from Price Of Travel eased my worry about the actual travel costs in Myanmar these days. So, in I went! And this was a great decision! Don`t let you fool by all the flash- and speedpackers out there, telling you how terribly expensive Myanmar is! When you avoid the absolute high season, when you try to travel slower & when you have a travel buddy (but even without it`s still very affordable), then traveling in Myanmar is damn cheap! This is how much I`ve spent in March 2015 while traveling through Myanmar for 23 days.

Average Daily Expenses by Element of Expenditure

Average daily expenses in US Dollars: 22.40 $ (1 $ = 1000 Kyat)

Expenses on the Cheapest Day (in Mawlamyine)

The expenses of the cheapest day in US Dollars: 10.5 $ (1 $ = 1000 Kyat)

Expenses on the Most Expensive Day (in Bagan)

The expenses on the most expensive day in US Dollars: 40.05 $ (1 $ = 1000 Kyat)

Not Included Costs in the Calculation above

So, in total I spent 515 US Dollars in 23 days. This number doesn`t include the visa fee of 30 US Dollars (issued in Bangkok) & the Burmese border crossing permit of 100 US Dollars to leave the country over land to India (still a must if you want to cross at Tamu over land). Both of these extra costs you can`t avoid when traveling over land to and out of Myanmar nowadays. Get more information about the raw data of my “Travel Costs in Myanmar 2015” by clicking on the diagram below.


travel costs in myanmar in 2015


How I traveled through Myanmar in March 2015

For 23 days I traveled with my backpack & my girlfriend from Thailand (Mae Sot) to Myanmar and further to India (Tamu), over land. We, obviously, traveled low budget. We slept mainly in double rooms and sometimes in dorms. We prefered walking whenever possible and local transport if necessary. We ate mainly at street stalls and cheap restaurants and often refilled our water bottles for free which is possible nearly everywhere in Myanmar. Entrance fees where not as manifold as expected; we had to pay for them only four times. We avoided arranged tours and organized day trips since we don`t like them anyway.

Last piece of advice: If you are a less experienced traveler, please remember that I (and my girlfriend) have traveled lots and that I know how to travel on a tight budget. So you may add a couple of US Dollars per travel day to be on the safe side. Enjoy Myanmar!


Could you travel through Myanmar for even less? Have you got any suggestions about places in Myanmar that are especially worthwhile for budget backpackers? What were your travel costs in Myanmar in 2015?


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