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How Small Is The World? | March 13, 2018

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Another Step Forward on my Journey or Why I Decided to Settle for Some Time

hiking in la palma our temporary home our garden

A Step Forward

After returning from the third stage of my motorcycle journey around Europe, I was ready for the island or some place warm. I wanted to do “workaway” somewhere in the South. I applied for Malta, French Guyana and Kenia, but did not get positive feedbacks. Since I haven`t done any brevet this year (my sailing ambitions are only postponed), I was eager to master something yet unknown to me. I was looking around for a training that teaches me about self-sufficient living. So, after several discussions with friends and some serious internet research, I decided to go for a Permaculture Course. Damn! November in Europe is not a good time to start to be a gardener, I realized! After a week or so I finally found a course in La Palma, the Canaries. I jumped in the airplane, hiked through the whole island and attended this ten-days course that blew my mind and changed my plans for the next years…


hiking in la palma

Before I arrived in the finca AUTarca, I hiked during four days across the island La Palma.


The Turning Point

The Permaculture Course at the finca AUTarca not only opened up a whole new way of thinking about nature and society, but also inspired me to implement my own permaculture project, even if it was Zurich. All those lovely fools (and I am one of them) I`ve met in that course have their foolish plans to make their own plot greener and the world more peaceful. Just loved it! I recommend to go there and see what is possible if only you really want to. There will be many options in the future for far larger projects somewhere more tropical, I am sure.


bees in la palma

We learned and relearned everything about sustainable gardening designs; including the importance of bees…


Once back home in the middle of the Swiss winter, I suggested to my girlfriend to find a way out of my constricting life I am living when in Switzerland: Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. No good!

One night we checked for houses in Zurich, just for fun. I mean, Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in world (actually the 3rd most expensive after Luanda and Hong Kong)! Amazingly enough, there were some houses available and one was even affordable…


our temporary home

Our bijou villa for a year or so…a magic witch house in the middle of Zurich!


Settle for Some Time

One month later we moved in together with two friends. And hey! It`s probably the best decision I have made besides many other best decisions. It is at least another step forward on my journey towards a self-sufficient life style. The house will be pulled down once we have to leave, so we can do and not do whatever we feel like. And the rent is highly affordable, so I do not have to show up at my money-making job all too often. There is plenty of time to build a chicken-house, a worm farm, a proper compost, a tree house, a sweat lodge and to do some serious permaculture gardening!


our garden

This garden is a dream! Only when it`s getting dark outside, I go back inside the house…


I am full of energy because I really feel the power of just doing stuff! I host friend and couchsurfers, work in the garden or in the house. Actually, I am totally restless, like most people in Zurich. But it feels way different then before. And the best part about it: It is temporary. In one or two years this project will be finished and I am free to go wherever my passion for traveling will guide me. With a heavy purse in my pocket, I hope. Maybe…


couchsurfers in the house

A couchsurfer from France is a fabulous painter and started painting one of the walls…


But for now and the year that lays before me, I am mainly enjoying the beauty of both unguided und guided nature in my garden. And you know what? Tomorrow five chickens will arrive to vitalize the surroundings and to help us to reduce our food expenses. That`s the pleasures of a settled life, I guess.


Traveling Pat

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